Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mildred Loving-the living woman who challenged the law

Mildred Loving, a black woman married a White man in 1958 in Washington DC. When they went home to Virginia where they have lived since they were kids, they were arrested. There was a ban of interracial marriages so that the marriage was deemed null and void and therefore they were being arrested for cohabiting as man and wife.

Her husband preferred to leave Virginia rather than divorce or leave Mildred. They left Virginia together to avoid jail time and settled in Washington DC.

Mildred changed history by challenging the law. She decided to fight for their right. She wrote Robert F. Kennedy who referred the case to the ACLU. In 1967, the Supreme Court lifted the interracial marriage ban nationwide.

Her husband died in 1975 due to car accident. Mildred Loving died last May 4, 2008 to join her husband where race is not a matter of discrimination for loving couples.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

When Jessop was a member of the sect, it was centered in Colorado City, Ariz., on the Utah border. The 1,700-acre Texas compound was built after she left. The sect’s leader, Warren Jeffs, was sentenced to 10 years in prison last September after being found guilty of two counts of first-degree accomplice rape for sanctioning the forced marriage of a 14-year-old girl to her 19-year-old cousin.

The 40-year-old Jessop was 18 when she was forced to marry Merril Jessop, who is said to have taken over leadership of the sect when Jeffs went to prison. Merril Jessop was 50 at the time of the marriage and had three other wives. She said from what she has heard and read, the sect has become even more restrictive since moving to Texas.

She has written a book about her experience entitled “Escape,” and in it, she talks about being totally cut off from the world and not being allowed to watch television or read newspapers or magazines.

“Everything you did was monitored and controlled and everybody reported on everyone else,” she said. “It was a police state. You were not allowed to make decisions in your life. I had no power over my life or the lives of my children. It was a terrible way to live.”

The alleged control began in infancy.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Julie Andrews and her Early Life

julie- andrews
Julie Andrews is one of my favorite movie celebrities ever since I saw her in Sound of Music. I like her beautiful voice too which she lost due to operation.

At age 72 and married for 38 years with equally famous director of Pink Panther Series, Breakfast at Tiffany's and other movies, blake Edwards, she found the time to write her life story or ealier years.

She started her show business career at age nine with her pianist mother who was in the vaudeville act. Her name was Julia Elizabeth Wells, the last name , he got from her stepfather who she thought was her real father.

Her father was Ted Andrews who was also a singer-guitarist from Canada.
Both her biological parents became alcoholic.

The title of her autobiography is Home: A Memoir of My Early Years.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The First Youngest Female professor

Alia Sabur started teaching at 18 and is the youngest college professor in history.
She started talking and reading when she was just 8 months old and graduated elementary at age 5.

She went to college at age 10 and graduated at age 14 earning a bachelor’s of science degree in applied mathematics summa cum laude from Stony Brook University — the youngest female in U.S. history to do so.

She pursued her M.S. and Ph.D in materials science and engineering.

Sabur decided to teach so that three days before her 19th birthday, she became a professor at Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.

This distinction made her the youngest college professor in history, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, beating the previous record held by Colin Maclaurin in 1717.

Maclaurin was a student of physicist Isaac Newton. Sabur said she is merely gravitating toward putting what she has learned to good use.

Before applying at the university, she has taken n up teaching math and physics courses at Southern University in New Orleans.

source: msnc

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cleaning your house and your mind

During the time that i was between jobs, I stayed at home getting bored every day as I browsed and applied for vacancies that I could find in the craigslist or monster.com

It was during this time that I decided to clean the house, room for room.

I started with the kitchen. I discovered that my ref was colored pearl white and not peach. hehehe.

I scrubbed it so hard that it sparkled and smelled pine.

While doing this chore, I forgot my anxiety of not having a job.

I cleaned next the stove. The greases and the hardened food crumbs that accumulated under the stove bid good-bye.

By the time I finished the whole house, i felt tired but was happy.

This study confirms what I observed when I made the general house cleaning.

Working up a sweat while performing household chores may not just improve the cleanliness of your home, but your mental health too, a survey suggests.

Just 20 minutes of sustained exercise a week - from cleaning to jogging - can impact upon depression, the British Journal of Sports Medicine study found.

The more strenuous and frequent the activity, the greater the effect.

University College London researchers looked at a survey of 20,000 people on weekly exercise and state of mind.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


The hardest thing to do is to forgive.

If the person who hurt you does not even apologize or ask forgiveness, does forgiving him means that you are condoning his behavior.

If the person ignores your feeling of being hurt, does forgiving him means that you are a sucker?

The answer is no.

To become successful of easing the pain, we should be like children who in their moment of anger to their playmate swore that he would not speak to him the rest of his life.

The feeling does not last longer than an hour and the playmates are happily sharing their toys. There are no long discourses. There is no harboring anger in the hearts.

To be able to forgive, one should forget the past. Holding grudge for along time makes a person suffer emotionally.

The problem sometimes is that the person does not even know why she is angry. She thinks of so many reasons and come up with a list of small and big things that made her resent a person.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where did the time go?

Women today who are juggling their two roles--career and motherhood feel that they are spending more than 24 hours a day.

Little do they realize that there are a lot of idle time during these hours--from getting off in the morning and retiring to bed in the evening.

Surveys conducted showed that the reason why these women are on the impression that time is wasted is because, they do not know how to manage their time and therefore that do not know where it is mostly spent.

When I was in the elementary, a teacher taught us how to manage the time by keeping a journal.

For example, we were asked to write the activities that we do first thing in the morning and how much hours or minutes are spent for each activity.

Once, we see the actual hours spent for a particular activty, we were instructed to find out what activity we tend to spend more time and if it is really needed.

In that way, we can reduce the time and add that to an acitivity which we think needs more time for us to effective accomplish it during a time frame.

In this exercise, we are adviced not to be obsessive about following the schedule to the last minute or seconds.

The objective is to be able to enjoy our time as well as use them more efficiently.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love Your Feet

I just talked with my best lady friend of mine. She was in the hospital for infected wound on her foot. The doctor tested her for diabetes because she complained that the wound was not responding to antibiotics.

Several years ago, a friend of my mother convinced me to have a pedicure. I was afraid that she may not be able to get all the ingrown nails and my toes might get infected.

A day after the pedicure, I got pus in my toe.

I like the tattood feet in the picture. It is henna. An Indian friend of mine gave me the henna and also some jewelries for the feet. Another friend cautioned me of using the anklets. He said that there are several kinds of these which tell what kind of a woman is wearing that kind of feet jewelry.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hair Loss

Androgenic alopecia is the most common cause for hair loss for both men and women.

There are other causes of hair loss.

Alopecia Areata

The hair falls for unknown reason. It does not result to complete baldness--only a smooth patch about the size of a coin.


My mother used to explain the hair loss during pregnancy and childbirth to the baby getting most of the nutrition supposed to be for the mother.

The loss of hair may last up to six months after delivery.

High Fever and`severe infection

The loss of hair is temporary.

Lack of Protein

Diets that limit protein intake may cause hair loss. Not until, the person gets adequate protein will the problem be solved.


There are prescription and over-the-counter medications that may cause falling of hair. These medications include those four gouts, hypertension, depression, arhritis and heart.

Cancer treatments

The person may lose 90 per cent of scalp hair. It is going to grow back when the treatment is over.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Many women are not aware that they are suffering from lack of self-confidence.

It is a question of the women's regard of themselves. Is it confidence or cockiness?

Are you the kind of woman who is obsessed with your faults and mistakes that you hate yourself for them?

Are you the kind of woman who does not take risk?

Are you the kind of woman who define success as achievement only?

Are you kind of a woman who does not voice her opinion?

Are you the kind of a woman who rationalizes for everything that you do?

Are you the kind of woman who avoids challenges?

Then face the mirror and aks yourself if you have self-confidence. I am sure that the woman in the mirror will not able to answer the question.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Woman in SAudi Arabia accused of being a witch

The case has been decided by the court that Fauza Falih should die by execution.
She was accused of being a witch by the man who blamed her for his impotence.

It is only King Abdullah who can stop the execution.

The life of this illiterate woman depends on the kindness of the King.

Human Rights Watch has appealed to Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a woman convicted of witchcraft.

In a letter to King Abdullah, the rights group described the trial and conviction of Fawza Falih as a miscarriage of justice.

The illiterate woman was detained by religious police in 2005 and allegedly beaten and forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read.

Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent.

Human Rights Watch said that Ms Falih had exhausted all her chances of appealing against her death sentence and she could only now be saved if King Abdullah intervened.

'Undefined' crime

The US-based group is asking the Saudi ruler to void Ms Falih's conviction and to bring charges against the religious police who detained her and are alleged to have mistreated her.

Its letter to King Abdullah says the woman was tried for the undefined crime of witchcraft and that her conviction was on the basis of the written statements of witnesses who said that she had bewitched them.

Human Rights Watch says the trial failed to meet the safeguards in the Saudi justice system.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Stress Management 4-Speak Up

One of the stressors that can get the person down is the pent-up feeling.

The intention of keeping quiet may be noble , that is to avoid hurting one's feelings but the tension or the damage that it creates to oneself may lead one's self-destruction.

When I an faced with this predicament, I try to look for someone who can do the talking for me; a neutral party. if it still does not work, I will do something to keep distance or possible get away from the people in order to avoid further aggravation.

It is different when a person is the introvert type who can not even talk to the boss to ask for a raise.

If she deserves to get the raise, one should build the confidence by preparing for the planned talk with the boss.

It helps a lot to prepare mentally and physically for this particular moment when the future is uncertain as to the reaction and decision of the top management.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Handling Stress Part 3-Walk

People's sedentary lifestyle due to work and family demands causes the lack of exercise.

This add ups to the toxic substance in the body that contributes as stressors.

When I am faced with a workload which will require longer time to finish, I allow myself to be free for a few minutes. I walk outside.

I forget the task that awaits me. I take note of the people, places and things that I see outside which usually are invisible when I am in a hurry coming to the office.

Then I appreciate the flowers if I see one, the people who smile, the people who walk like they are enjoying life.

When I`go back to my desk, I feel refreshed. My mind is clear and my body is ready to work.

Try it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Handling Stress Part 2-Control Your environment

There are people who are easily stressed out just the thought of finishing all her to do lists.

Stress can be minimized by analysing what are really doable and what are just reminders what to do in your to do list.

You should remind yourself that your available time may not be enough to do everything.

It will help if you convince yourself that you are no superman to finish everything.

Some people would not take a break because they believe that their momentum will be broken if they do so. Working non-stop however builds up the stress that at the end, the work is not finished since the person has already burned out.

When people get overwhelmed, they can not function very well.

It helps to breathe, pause and relax before continuing to the next activity.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Handling Stress PART 1-People in your neighborhood

The best thing to handle stress is to avoid it even though it can not be totally eliminated.

There are stresses that can be avoided.

Some people can contribute to your stress. There are these people who call you when they're depressed to unburden their woes.

There are also these people who do nothing but ask for favors all the time that when you hear the voice at the other end of line, your stress builds up.

There are people who are fond of argument. From a friendly conversation, they end up
arguing just so they can convince the other person to believe.

If you are dealing with these people everyday, try making excuses not to see or talk to them as much as possible.