Thursday, April 03, 2008


The hardest thing to do is to forgive.

If the person who hurt you does not even apologize or ask forgiveness, does forgiving him means that you are condoning his behavior.

If the person ignores your feeling of being hurt, does forgiving him means that you are a sucker?

The answer is no.

To become successful of easing the pain, we should be like children who in their moment of anger to their playmate swore that he would not speak to him the rest of his life.

The feeling does not last longer than an hour and the playmates are happily sharing their toys. There are no long discourses. There is no harboring anger in the hearts.

To be able to forgive, one should forget the past. Holding grudge for along time makes a person suffer emotionally.

The problem sometimes is that the person does not even know why she is angry. She thinks of so many reasons and come up with a list of small and big things that made her resent a person.

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