Monday, February 04, 2008

Stress Management 4-Speak Up

One of the stressors that can get the person down is the pent-up feeling.

The intention of keeping quiet may be noble , that is to avoid hurting one's feelings but the tension or the damage that it creates to oneself may lead one's self-destruction.

When I an faced with this predicament, I try to look for someone who can do the talking for me; a neutral party. if it still does not work, I will do something to keep distance or possible get away from the people in order to avoid further aggravation.

It is different when a person is the introvert type who can not even talk to the boss to ask for a raise.

If she deserves to get the raise, one should build the confidence by preparing for the planned talk with the boss.

It helps a lot to prepare mentally and physically for this particular moment when the future is uncertain as to the reaction and decision of the top management.

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