Thursday, January 24, 2008

Handling Stress Part 3-Walk

People's sedentary lifestyle due to work and family demands causes the lack of exercise.

This add ups to the toxic substance in the body that contributes as stressors.

When I am faced with a workload which will require longer time to finish, I allow myself to be free for a few minutes. I walk outside.

I forget the task that awaits me. I take note of the people, places and things that I see outside which usually are invisible when I am in a hurry coming to the office.

Then I appreciate the flowers if I see one, the people who smile, the people who walk like they are enjoying life.

When I`go back to my desk, I feel refreshed. My mind is clear and my body is ready to work.

Try it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Handling Stress Part 2-Control Your environment

There are people who are easily stressed out just the thought of finishing all her to do lists.

Stress can be minimized by analysing what are really doable and what are just reminders what to do in your to do list.

You should remind yourself that your available time may not be enough to do everything.

It will help if you convince yourself that you are no superman to finish everything.

Some people would not take a break because they believe that their momentum will be broken if they do so. Working non-stop however builds up the stress that at the end, the work is not finished since the person has already burned out.

When people get overwhelmed, they can not function very well.

It helps to breathe, pause and relax before continuing to the next activity.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Handling Stress PART 1-People in your neighborhood

The best thing to handle stress is to avoid it even though it can not be totally eliminated.

There are stresses that can be avoided.

Some people can contribute to your stress. There are these people who call you when they're depressed to unburden their woes.

There are also these people who do nothing but ask for favors all the time that when you hear the voice at the other end of line, your stress builds up.

There are people who are fond of argument. From a friendly conversation, they end up
arguing just so they can convince the other person to believe.

If you are dealing with these people everyday, try making excuses not to see or talk to them as much as possible.