Monday, February 18, 2008

Woman in SAudi Arabia accused of being a witch

The case has been decided by the court that Fauza Falih should die by execution.
She was accused of being a witch by the man who blamed her for his impotence.

It is only King Abdullah who can stop the execution.

The life of this illiterate woman depends on the kindness of the King.

Human Rights Watch has appealed to Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a woman convicted of witchcraft.

In a letter to King Abdullah, the rights group described the trial and conviction of Fawza Falih as a miscarriage of justice.

The illiterate woman was detained by religious police in 2005 and allegedly beaten and forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read.

Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent.

Human Rights Watch said that Ms Falih had exhausted all her chances of appealing against her death sentence and she could only now be saved if King Abdullah intervened.

'Undefined' crime

The US-based group is asking the Saudi ruler to void Ms Falih's conviction and to bring charges against the religious police who detained her and are alleged to have mistreated her.

Its letter to King Abdullah says the woman was tried for the undefined crime of witchcraft and that her conviction was on the basis of the written statements of witnesses who said that she had bewitched them.

Human Rights Watch says the trial failed to meet the safeguards in the Saudi justice system.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Stress Management 4-Speak Up

One of the stressors that can get the person down is the pent-up feeling.

The intention of keeping quiet may be noble , that is to avoid hurting one's feelings but the tension or the damage that it creates to oneself may lead one's self-destruction.

When I an faced with this predicament, I try to look for someone who can do the talking for me; a neutral party. if it still does not work, I will do something to keep distance or possible get away from the people in order to avoid further aggravation.

It is different when a person is the introvert type who can not even talk to the boss to ask for a raise.

If she deserves to get the raise, one should build the confidence by preparing for the planned talk with the boss.

It helps a lot to prepare mentally and physically for this particular moment when the future is uncertain as to the reaction and decision of the top management.